“99,9% of men are not like you. These are men who make love with six women in all their life. They think they have to work harder and make more money… the women come as a consequence. Why after and not now?!”. These are some of the sentences written on the first page of the website of the P.U.A Training, one of many companies in the field of seduction. Founded in 2005, today the company invoices thousands of euros a year producing manuals and dvds, organizing seminars and video-conferences, in order to sell the unwritten rules of sexual attraction and to create new “pick up artists”. The phenomenon starts in the 90’, in the u.s.a, as a web-community in which well-known pick up artists post the reports of their conquests in bar and discos. Evolving from the web to a first micro-business was easy. In 2005, “The Game”, Neil Strauss’s book, quickly becomes a best seller, and the business of seduction gets the media’s attention and starts to structure itself in many independent organizations. “The Style Life Academy”, “The Venusian Arts”, “P.U.A Training” are just some examples of a phenomenon that from its embryonic phase has now become a lucrative and successful reality
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